Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Enter one-of-a-kind, the GroBaby system

GroBaby is one of those diapers where you start to wonder if maybe there really is something to all the hype. I got the only snap available, a vanilla. GroBaby told me that they will be releasing more colors in snaps next month. They also offer a snap conversion at their store for a reasonable price ($3.50 atm).

That said, this diaper is really thoughtfully and innovatively designed. It's an AI2 essentially. You snap the insert onto the shell, and as each insert gets used, you unsnap and snap in a clean one. Thereby needing less covers. The cover is soft and stretchy, yet holds up very well, and it has a mesh lining which is very smart for covers. The snaps are very strong and durable, yet not difficult to snap/unsnap by hand. The rise fit my baby well on medium. The insert is very absorbent and was shaped to give coverage where it was needed without adding bulk where it's not needed (unless you have a blowout). The two noticeable downsides are that the insert's front snap is not high next to the tabs, but low --  right where the most pee would be -- so you're gripping a soggy insert to unsnap it. And you have to wash (hot/cold) & dry it 5-6 times before use. With just one insert, I gave up after 3 washes and figured I'd wait several uses/washes before I tried night.

I can see how people would fall in love with this, but it really is just a glorified cadillac A12... and not the best to hand to your hubby/relative/friend without a tutorial. But I like it well enough that I'm considering buying a set of inserts.

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