Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm back!

I figured out how to make a blog button (look on sidebar)! And I am working on a spreadsheet of all the various attributes of a diaper (particularly pockets)... what else do you think should go on here? What attributes do you look for when you're trying to find that perfect diaper?

Type of diaper - pocket, aio, ai2, etc
Type/s of closure (front unless otherwise noted) - 1-row snap, 2-row snap, aplix, etc
Type of adjustable rise - 2-row snap, 3-row snap, adjustable elastic, etc
Outer fabric
Inner fabric
Type of insert (if included)
Method of enclosure (for pockets) - front open, back open, back elastic, front flap, etc
Method of placement/attachment (for ai2) - snap locations, length/type of tuck in front/back
Laundry care
Country of origin
info about company (age, products, etc)
waist circumference (smallest-largest settings)

rise (smallest-largest settings)
thigh circumference (smallest-largest settings)
recommended weight range
special features (inner gussets, etc)


And how is my new-to-cloth diapering doing? I've learned that one-size snap is a steep learning curve for beginners. Yup, I've had my share of leaks, and I think it's mainly been user error. Figuring out fit on a skinny-waisted, chunky-thighed baby has proved challenging. On some diapers more than others. Unfortunately, the one I struggle with the most is Katydid.

But there are some diapers that have been dummy-proof. The best yet? I think it might be Flip. But Flip isn't my favorite diaper. Which one is? That's for another blogpost. :)

And the last and best bit of news? There might be giveaways in the next few weeks!


Gina F said...

I love the button diapers. I got some of those for my new nephew who was born last year. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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Samantha said...

hey lady! it was hard to find the right fit for my guy, he was shaped a little odd it seemed (according to the diapers i was trying). then when you get it all figured out they change shape... lol... cloth diapering can always be an adventure! i totally enjoy it most of the time!